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Our Mission is to Restore broken lives The Shepherd's Way.


To facilitate true rehabilitation, and to prevent repeated criminal activity with instruction and a practical demonstration of a better way of life.


​To give hope and a future, so people can enter into a new and productive social role.

To continue ministry to women who come out of jail, by providing a temporary home with an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and hope for those who choose of their own free will to come and be helped.  We want to offer them a chance for a new beginning.


Our purpose is to visit those in jail and prisons, and to share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We purpose to provide real life applications of the Bible and its Truth.  We are also raising funds to provide a temporary home on a farm.


Our programs entail spiritual mentoring, as well as counseling, education and life skills.


  • Spiritual Programs

  • Teaching about Relationships with God

  • Daily Devotions

  • Prayer Meetings

  • Church Attendance

  • Counseling

  • Individual Counseling

  • Education

  • G.E.D. Classes

  • Bible Teaching

  • Vocational Training

  • Financial Training

  • Life Skills

  • Responsible Daily Living

  • Treating others with dignity and respect

  • Developing confidence & decision making skills


These steps will offer a chance for a new beginning

  • Set people free from substance abuse such as drugs and alcohol

  • Free people from the psychological and physical abuse, so forgiveness and healing can come

  • Assisting in education, so people can obtain gainful employment; enabling them to become self-supporting

  • Free people to realize their full potential for success

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